Pharmacology-1 4th Semester MCQ Practice Set 2

30 MCQs of Pharmacology-1 4th Semester MCQ Practice Set 2 With Solutions

Pharmacology-1 4th Semester MCQ Practice Set 2– Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Multiple Choice Questions

01. Pharmacovigilance Means:
a. Monitoring of drug safety
b. Monitoring of unethical trade of drug
c. Monitoring of Pharma students
d. Monitoring of drug efficacy

02. Loading dose of drug primarily depends on:
a. Volume of distribution
b. Clearance
c. Rate of administration
d. half life

03. Therapeutic index is measure of:
a. Safety
b. Potency
c. Efficacy
d. Selectivity

04. Which of the following is True for first order kinetics is:
a. Rate of elimination is not proportional to plasma concentration
b. A fixed plasma concentration is eliminated per unit time
c. Half life increase with dose
d. Clearance decrease with dose

05. Duration of action i.v. administered drug depends on:
a. Protein binding
b. Clearance
c. Lipid solubility
d. All of them

06. Maintenance dose rate of drug depends primarily on:
a. Volume of distribution
b. half life
c. Liquid solubility
d. Total body clearance

07. Detoxification of drugs is controlled by:
a. Cytochrome
b. Cytochrome P450   
c. Cytochrome c
d. Cytochrome A

08. Removal of acidic drugs form body is done by using:
a. Ammonium chloride
b. Sodium bicarbonate
c. Hydrochloric acid
d. Citric acid

09. AUC signifies extent of:
a. Absorption
b. Distribution
c. Metabolism
d. Elimination

10. Redistribution phenomenon is seen in:
a. Halothane
b. Ether
c. Thiopentone
d. All of them

11. Which of the following statements best describe an ‘orphan drug’?
a. A drug that acts on orphanin receptor
b. It is very cheap drug
c. It is drug which has no therapeutic use
d. It is a drug required for the treatment or prevention of a rare disease

12. Zero order kinetics can be followed by these drugs EXCEPT:
a. Phenytoin
b. Barbiturates
c. Alcohol
d. Theophylline

13. One of the potent microsomal enzyme inducer drug:
a. Captopril
b. Erythromycin
c. Rifampicin
d. Cimetidine

14. Which of the following is an enzyme inhibitor:
a. Ketoconazole 
b. Rifampicin  
c. Tolbutamide
d. Phenobarbitone

15. Bioavailability’ is defines as:
a. The volume of plasma completely cleared of a specific compound per unit time and measured as test of kidney function
b. It may be defined as the % of drug that is detected in systemic circulation after administration
c. Both of them
d. None

16. Plasma drug monitoring is done for:
a. drug with high safety margin
b. Drug with low safety margin
c. Drug with high therapeutic index
d. None

17. Which of the following is a Phase 1 metabolic reaction?
a. Hydroxylation
b. Conjugation       
c. Glucuronidation
d. Sulfation

18. High first pass metabolism is seen in:
a. Lignocaine
b. Propranolol 
c. Erythromycin
d. All of them

19. Volume of distribution of rugs is altered in:
a. Pregnancy
b. Old age
c. Neonate
d. All of them

20. Inter dose interval depends on:
a. Half life of drug
b. Dose of drug
c. Age of patient
d. Bioavailability of drug

21. Loading dose of a drug is given for:
a. Achievement of steady state concentration in short period of time
b. Rapid onset of action
c. Less complication
d. All of them

22. Prolonged lithium therapy causes:
a. Diabetes insipidus
b. Osteoporosis
c. Parkinsonism
d. Gout

23. Which of the following is a prodrug?
a. Captopril
b. Cimetidine
c. Carbimazole
d. Carbamazepine

24. All of the following agents act by intracellular receptors excepts:
a. Thyroid hormones
b. Vitamin D
c. Insulin
d. Steroids

25. Agonist is having:
a. Affinity with intrinsic activity is 1
b. Affinity with intrinsic activity is 0
c. Affinity with intrinsic is -1
d. None

26. Identify the wrong statement:
a. Acidic drugs bind with albumin in side plasma
b. Basic drugs bind to alpha-1 acidic glycoprotein in plasma
c. Drugs having higher affinity can displace the other from the same protein
d. Sex steroid hormones do not bind to any protein in plasma

27. What is prodrug?
a. Inactive drugs convert into active metabolite
b. active drugs converts into inactive metabolite
c. Measure of the amount of drug necessary to produce an effect of a given magnitude.
d. bind to a receptor and elicit a biologic response

28. After IV drug administration, elimination of a drug is true:
a. Lipid solubility
b. Volume of distribution
c. Clearance
d. All of them

29. The statement about route of drug administration is true:
a. 80% bioavailability by IV injection
b. IM administration needs sterile technique
c. IV injection produces local tissue necrosis and irritation
d. Both c and d

30. Drug that should be avoided in G-6-PD deficiency are:
a. Chloroquine
b. Nitrofurantoin
c. Sulfamethoxazole
d. All of them

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