Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Tannins-Most Important

Tannins Most Important MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Tannins

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tannins are:
a. Organized drugs
b. Unorganizeddrugs
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

2……….are included in the combination of Triphala.
a. Harro, Barrro and Pipla
b. Harro, Barro and Panchaule
c. Harro,Barro and Amala
d. All

3. Terminalia chebula is the botanical name of………?
a. Harro
b. Barro
d. None
c. Amala

4. Goldbeater’s skin test is used for the identification of:
a. Alkaloids
b. Glycosides
d. Resins
c. Tannins

5. Tannins show some chemical reactions EXCEPT:
a. Solution of tannins precipitate gelatin.
b. Tannins are precipitated by salt of copper, tin and lead.
c. They show colour reaction with iron.
d. They react with potassium mercuric iodide.

6. Condensed tannins are called as:
a. Hydrolysable tannins
b. Non hydrolysable tannins
c. Pseudotannins
d. Prototannins


7. Tannic acid is under the class of:
a. Condensed tannins
b. Pseudotannins
c. Hydrolysable tannins
d. Condensed and pseudotannins

8. Biological source of Arjuna is:
a. Terminalia arjuna
b. Terminalia chebula
c. Terminalia tomenstosa
d. Terminalia belerica

9. Tannic acid is antidote in poisoning of:
a. lodine.
b. Cyanide
c. Alkaloid
d. Arsenic

10.Gambir fluorescein test is used for detection of:
a. Arjuna
b. Ashoka
c. Pale catechu
d. Black catechu

11.Black catechu contains about percentage of acacatechin.
a. One percentage
b. Three percent
c. Seven percent
d. Ten percent

12. Select the drug, which is NOT belonging to tannin:
a. Myrobalam
b. Pale catechu
c. Ashoka
d. Peppermint

13. Select the drug which does not belong to tannin:
a. Colophony
b. Myrobalan
c. Acacia
d. Agar

14.Botanical name of acacia is………:
a. Acacia Arabica
b. Gellidium ptericladia
c. Triticum aestivum
d. None

15.Hydrolysable tannins on hydrolysis by acid yields:
a. Benzoic acid
b. Gallic acid
c. Sodium bicarbonate
d. Stearic acid

16. With ferric chloride hydrolysable tannins produce:
a. Blue colour
b. Red colour
c. Cream colour
d. Yellow colour

17. Myrrh contains……..type of resin:
a. An acid resin
b. An ester resin
c. A resin alcohol
d. A Resene


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