Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Resins-Most Important

Resins Most Important MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Resins

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Resins are classified into following subclasses EXCEPT:
a. Acid
b. Ester
c. Resin alcohol.
d. Resin ether

2. Which is NOT an example of acid resin?
a. Benzoin
b. Colophony
c. Sandrac
d. Myrrh

3. Myrrh contains which of the following acid?
a. Comiphoric acid
b. Abietic acid
c. Benzoic acid
d. Acetic acid

4. Out of the following, which is an example of oleoresin?
a. Copaiba
b. Canada balsam
c. Capsicum
d. Myrrh

5. Oleo gum resins are mixture of:
a. Volatile oil + Gum + Resins
b. Fixed oil + Gum+ Resin
c. Fats + Gum + Resin
d. Gum + resins

6. Homogenous mixture of resins and oil are called as:
a. Oleoresins
b. Oleogum
c. Glycoresin
d. Balsma

7. Glycoresins are made up of:
a. Resins + Sugar
b. Resins + Volatile oil
c. Resins + Gum
d. Resins + Fixed oil

8. Resins containing benzoic acid or cinnamic acids are called as:
a. Oleoresins
b. Glycoresins
c. Oleogum
d. Balsam

9. Family of drug Zingiber officinale is:
a. Solanaceae
b. Umbelliferae
d. Convolulaceae
c. Zingiberaceae

10.Pungency of capsicum is destroyed by boiling it with:
a. 2% hydrochloric acid
b. 1% sulphuric acid
c. 2% Acetic acid
d. Potassium permanganate

11.When the powder of Curcuma longa is treated with sulphuric acid, it gives…..colour.
a. Yellow
b. Crimson
c. Green
d. Blue

12.Which plant contains resin?
a. Ginger
b. Coriander
c. Fennel
d. Ergot

13.Resins associated with volatile oil are called as:
a. Oleo-gum-resin
b. Oleo-resin
c. Gum resins
d. Volatile resins

14.Ferulic acid when treated with hydrochloric acid gives:
a. Acetic acid
b. Umbellic acid.
c. Cinnamic acid
d. Vanillic acid

15.How much volatile oil does ginger contain?
a. 1-4%
b. 5-10%
c. 10-15%
d. 15-20%

16. Resins are insoluble in:
a. Alcohol
b. Water
c. Volatile oil
d. Fixed oil

17. Which type of acids do balsams contain?
a. Acetic acid + Benzoic acid
b. Cinnamic acid + hydrochloric acid.
c. Benzoic acid + Sulphuric acid
d. Benzoic acid + Cinnamic acid

18.Balsams are resinous substances which contain large proportions of:
a. Resins and volatile oils
b. Gum, resin and volatile oil
c. Glycosides and resins
d. Benzoic acid, cinnamic acid and their esters

19. Which of the following is NOT water soluble extract?
a. Aloe
b. Glycirrhiza
c. Senna
d. Capsicum

Explanation: Capsicum is resin containing crude drug. Resins are insoluble in water. Aloe, glycirrhiza, Senna are glycoside containing crude drug. Most of the glycosides are water soluble.

20.Hashish is the ………of Cannabis sativa.
a. Gum of the male flowers
b. Resin of the female flowers
c. Gum of the male and female flowers
d. Pressed juice of the leaves


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