Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Pharmaceutical Aids-Most Important

Pharmaceutical Aids Most Important MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Pharmaceutical Aids

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Composition of Molisch reagent is:
a. Alpha napthol + sulphuric acid
b. Beta napthol + sulphuric acid
c. Naphthylamine + sulphuric acid
d. Phenol + sulphuric acid

2. Important chemical constituent of Algin is:
a. Tragacanthin
b. Bassorin
c. Alginic acid
d. Alginic ester

3. Important chemical constituent in artificial honey is:
a. Glucose
b. Fructose
c. Maltose
d. Invert sugar

4. pectin is used in the pharmaceutical industries as:
b. Demulcent
c. Emulsifying agent
d. Suspending agent

5. Liquid glucose is obtained by:
a. Partial hydrolysis of glucose
b. Partial hydrolysis of starch
c. Complete hydrolysis of starch
d. Complete hydrolysis of glucose

6. The biological source for Indian gum is:
a. Cyamopsis tetragonoglobules
c. Acacia Arabica
d. Acacia Senegal

7. When Indian gum is treated with ruthenium red, it shows:
a. Pink colour
b. Red colour
d. No colour change
c. Blue

8. Synonym for Guar gum is:
a. Acacia
b. Jaguar gum
c. Gum acacia
d. Gum Arabica

9. When guar gum is treated with about 2% solution of lead acetate shows:
a. Pink colour
b. Blue colour
c. Yellow colour
d. No colour change

10. Artificial invert sugar is an adulterant with honey and it is detected by the test:
a. Tollen’s
b. Ninhydrine
c. Baljet test
d. Fiehe’s test

11.The water soluble portion of tragacanth is known as:
a. Tragacanthin
b. Bassorin
c. Galctouronic acid
d. D-galctopyranose

12.Pectin is used in the treatment of:
a. Ulcer
b. Hypertension
c. Angina
d. Diarrhoea

13.Biological source for Isapgol is:
a. Plantago ovata
b. Aegle marmelos
c. Giladinium amansii
d. Condrus cripsus

14. Which test is used for the purity of Isapgol?
a. Barfoed test
b. Millon’s test
c. Molisch test
d. Swelling factor

15. Which colour is produced when Isapgol is treated with rhuthenium red?
a. Blue
b. Yellow
c. Pink
d. Green

16. Isapgol seeds are adulterated with:
a. Plantago purshii
b. Plantagolanceolata
c. Plantago aristala
d. Plantago pysllium

17. Agar is used as:
a. Binder
b. Disintigrant
c. Emulsifying agent
d. Preservative

18. Amylum is the synonym for:
a. Tragacanth
b. Starch
c. Inulin
d. Locust bean

19. Rice starch is of size about….:
a. 2-12 micron
b. 14-17 micron
c. 17-20 micron
d. 20-25 micron

20. Wheat starch is of size about…..:
a. 0.1 to 1 micron
b. 2 to 3 micron
c. 3 to 5 micron
d. 5 to 50 micron

22. The test, which is NOT used for identification of carbohydrates is:
a. Molisch test
b. Osazone formation test
c. Ninhydrin test
d. Resorcinol test

23.Keller kiliani test is used for identification of:
a. Fructose
b. Maltose
c. Deoxy sugar
d. Glucose

24. The synonym of Lactose is:
a. Milk sugar
b. Butter sugar
c. Crystalline sugar
d. sugar

25…….. is the botanical name of rice.
a. Triticum aestivum
b. Oriza sativa
c. Zyea mays
d. Apis mellifera

26.Astragalus gummifer is the botanical name of…..:
a. Acorus
b. Dalchini
c. Tragacanth
d. Agar

27.Chemically gums consist of:
a. Calcium
b. Potassium
c. Magnesium
d. All of the above

28.Barium chloride is used for the identification of:
a. Guar gum
b. Agar
c. Acacia
d. Tragacanth

29.The scientific name of “Yarshagumba” is:
a. Cordyceps sinensis
b. Claviceps purpurea
c. Valeriona wallichi
d. None

30.”Yarshagumba” belongs to:
a. Shrub
b. Caterpillar fungus
d. Tree
c. Herb

31. Which of the following get rancidified on long time storage?
a. Alkaloids
b. Glycosides
c. Fixed oil
d. Volatile oil

32.Rancidification indicates…..
a. Increase in constituents
b. Decrease in constituent
c. Decrease in acid value
d. Increase in acid value

33. Which of the following is the shape of maize starch grains?
a. Oval
b. Round
c. Angular
d. Globular


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