Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Glycosides-Most Important

Glycosides Most Important 40+ MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Glycosides

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following are glycoside bearing plants?
a. Digitalis, dhatura, aloe
b. Digitalis, senna, aloe
c. Acorus, asafoetida, digitalis
d. Sesame, lineseed, digitalis

2. Digoxin is an active metabolite extracted from…:
a. Belladona
b. Dioscorea
c. Vinca
d. Digitalis

3. Glycosides are condensation products of:
a. Sugar+ aglycone.
b. Sugar+ Protein
c. Protein + aglycone
d. Fats aglycone

4. Which of the following is the botanical name of Sweet root?
a. Glycyrrhiza glabra
b. Catharunthus roseus
c. Cinnamomum zeylenicum
d. None.

5. Which of the following is the botanical name of yam?
a. Podophylum hexandrum
b. Dioscorea deltoidea
c. Dioscorea composita
d. Both b and c

6. Drug which is NOT an example of organized crude drug is:
a. Digitalis leaves
b. Cinchona bark
c. Aloe vera juice
d. Clove bud

7. Drug which is NOT used as anti-rheumatic agent is:
a. Quassia
b. Aconite
c. Colchicum
d. Guggul

8…………is NOT used as cardiotonics.
a. Digitalis
b. Cinchona
c. Squill
d. Stropanthus

9. Select the drug, which is NOT belonging to glycoside class?
a. Digitalis
b. Senna
c. Nux vomica
d. Cascara

10…… is the English name of sugandhakokil.
a. Nepali sassafras
b. Long piper
c. Massorchids
d. None

11.Glycoside present in Stychnous nux-vomica is:
a. Strychnine
b. Brucine
c. Ajmaline
d. Loganine

12.Senna mainly contains:
a. 0-glycosides
b. N-glycosides
c. C-glycosides
d. S-glycosides

13.Senna leaf is under the class of……..glycoside.
a. Cardiac
b. Cyanogenic
c. Anthracene
d. Saponin

14. Which drug is under the chemical class of cyanogenic glycoside?
a. Bitter almond
b. Black mustard
c. Digitalis
d. Rhubarb

15.Drug that falls under the class of isothiocyanate glycosides is:
b. Apocynanceae
a. Liliaceae
a. Black mustard
b. Senega
d. Leguminosae
c. Loganaceae
c. Thevetia
d. Aloe

26………. is NOT the synonym of Liquorice.
a. Glycyrrhiza
b. Liquorice root
c. Mulethi
d. Yam

28.Glycyrrhizinic acid on hydrolysis gives:
b. Glycyrrhizin
a. Glycyrrhetic acid

16.Shatavari falls under the chemical class of….glycoside.
c. Liquiritin
d. Isoliquiritin
a. Sterol
b. Steroidal saponin

29.Liquorice is used in the treatment of:
c. Cyanogentic
d. Isothiocyanate
a. Conjuctivitis
b. Peptic ulcer
d. Skin disease

Which of the following drug is NOT under the class of cardiac glycoside?
c. Allergy
a. Digitalis

When glycyrrhiza is treated with 80% sulphuric acid, then it shows……..colour:
b. Thevetia
c. Indian squill
d. Bitter almond
a. Yellow
b. Red

18.The drug showing cardio tonic activity is:
c. Green
d. Violet
a. Thevetia
b. Cochineal

31.Rhubarb when treated with alkali shows red colour due to presence of:
c. Rhubarb
d. Aloe

19.The drug used as nerve tonic is:
a. Anthroquionoe glycoside
a. Brahmi
b. Mordica
b. Cardiac glycoside
c. Ginseng
d. Senega
c. Sapogenin glycoside

20.Borntrager’s test is used for identification of one of the following drug:
d. Cyanogenic glycoside

32.Keller kiliani test is positive for:
a. Senna
b. Aloe
a. Digitoxose
b. Gitoxose
c. Digitalis
d. Stropanthus
c. Digitoxigenin
d. Gitoxigenin

21.Saponin glycoside shows one of the following Presence of star spots is the characteristic of drug: property:
a. Cascara
b. Senna
a. Laxative
c. Aloe
b. Anticonvulsant
d. Astringent
d. Rhubarb
c. Foaming

Modified Borntrager’s test is positive for drug:

22.Asparagus racemosus is the botanical name of:
a. Kurilo
a. Aloe
b. Senna
b. Timur
c. Digitalis
d. Senna pod
c. Gurjo
d. None

Presence of aleurone grain is the characteristic of the drug:

23.Out of the following, one is NOT the example of Cardinolide:
a. Belladonna
b. Nux vomica
a. Digitoxin
b. Digoxin
c. Hyoscyamus
d. Vinca
c. Gitoxigenin
d. Scillarin A

36.Digitalis leaves should be dried at temperature below:

24.Yam is the synonym of the drug:
a. Stropanthus
b. Dioscoria
a. 20 °C
b. 30°C
c. Safed musali
d. Liquorice
c. 40 °C
d. 60°C

25.Dioscoria is used in the treatment of:

37.Picrorhiza kurroa is the botanical name of:
a. Ulcer
b. Cancer
a. Kutki
b. Sanaipati
c. Rheumatic arthritis
d. Kidney stone
c. Sarpagandha
d. None

38.Anthraquinone glycosides of cascara contains:
b. N-glycosides
a. O-glycosides
c. C-glycosides
d. S-glycosides

39.Rutin is an example of:
a. Triterpene glycoside
b. Lactone glycoside
c. Saponin glycoside
d. Flavanoid glycoside

Which of the following drug is NOT a glycoside?
a. Cascara
b. Cocca
c. Ginseng
d. Aloe

Tinospora cordifolia is the botanical name of ………
a. Gurjo
b. Timur
c. Taxus
d. None


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