Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Extraction-Most Important

Extraction Most Important 40+ MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Extraction

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The general principle of extraction follows:
a. Bohr’s theory
b. Diffusion Theory
c. Mass transfer theory
d. Boyle’s law

2. Many medicinal plants are safe but some are toxic also. They can be used by:
a. Purification
b. Adjustment of dose & toxicity
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

3. Disadvantage of using water as a solvent for extraction is:
a. Cheap
b. Non-toxic
d. Good medium for mold and bacterial growth

4. Which of the following process of extraction is done by boiling the herbs?
a. Maceration
b. Percolation
d. Decoction

5. Percolation is one of the methods of…:
a. Supply of drugs
b. Storage of drugs
c. Sterilization of drugs
d. Extraction of drugs

6. Which apparatus is used for continuous hot percolation process of extraction?
a. Buchner’s apparatus
b. Soxhlet’s apparatus
c. Vacuum distillation apparatus
d. Spiro meter apparatus

7. The insoluble residue left after extracting the desired constituent is known as:
a. Menstruum
b. Extract
c. Marc
d. All of them

9. Galenicals are named after Greek physician named as:
a. Hippocrates
b. Galen
c. Plato
d. Diascorides

10.The solvent used for the extraction process is also called as:
a. Menstruum
b. Marc
c. Fluid
d. Extract

11. The extraction of soft and water soluble drugs are carried out by:
a. Decoction
b. Maceration
c. Infusion
d. All of them

12. Hard and woody crude drugs are extracted using the technique……:
b. Digestion
a. Decoction
c. Infusion
d. maceration

13. Multiple macerations are performed when active constituents are:
a. Toxic
b. Lessvaluable
c. More valuable
d. None

14. Exhaustive extraction is another name of:
a. Percolation
b. Decoction
c. Digestion
d. Maceration

15. Heat stable and water soluble constituents are extracted using:
a. Infusion
b. Decoction
c. Percolation
d. Digestion

16. Which of the following is one of the factors affecting choice of extraction process?
a. Character of a drug
b. Stability of a drug
c. Cost of a drug
d. All of the above

17.Ethanol is used as a solvent because ethanol has…
a. Reasonably selective.
b. Mold can’t grow in this solvent
c. Non-toxic
d. All of the above

18. Menstruum is divided into three parts in:
a. Infusion
b. Triple maceration

19. Form of maceration in which gentle heat is used during the extraction process is called?
a. Simple maceration
b. Double maceration
c. Digestion
d. Infusion

21. Extraction of a drug from the plant is done by:
a. Percolation
b. Maceration
c. Solvent extraction
d. All of the above

22. Extraction of essential oil is carried out by:
a. Soxhlet apparatus
b. Clavenger’s apparatus
c. Rotavapour apparatus
d. Hot plate apparatus

23. Which method of extraction is called steady state extraction?
a. Maceration
b. Percolation
c. Digestion
d. Decoction

24. Circulatory extraction is a modification of:
a. Decoction
b. Percolation
c. Maceration
d. Infusion

25. Percolator device is used in:
a. Infusion
b. Percolation
c. Decoction
d. Maceration

26. Cover and run down method of extraction combines techniques:
a. Infusion + decoction
b. Infusion + percolation
c. Percolation + maceration
d. Infusion + maceration

27. Tinctures are alcoholic or hydro alcoholic solutions in which soluble constituents or vegetables drugs are extracted using the techniques of:
a. Maceration
b. Percolation
c. Decoction
d. Both (a) and (b)

28. Liquid extracts are usually prepared by the:
a. Infusion process
b. Decoction process
c. Reserved percolation process
d. Maceration process

29. Continuous extraction should be avoided when the constituents of the drug are:
a. Heat resistant
b. Bitter in taste
c. Sweet in taste
d. Thermo labile

30. The extraction of active metabolite of belladona is better achieved through:
a. Percolation
b. Decoction
c. Maceration
d. None

31. Which of the following plant requires fermentation to attain specific standard?
a. Gentian roots
b. Vinca
c. Eucalyptus
d. Ocimum

32.Maceration takes……….for extraction
a. 1 day
b. (10-15) days
c. (3-7) days
d. 20 days

33. Digestion method is carried out for…… constituents:
a. Readily soluble
b. Heat stable
c. Water soluble and heat stable
d. Soluble in menstruum

34. Percolation takes ………..for extraction.
a. 2 hours
b. 12 hours
c. 24 hours
d. 48 hours

35. Infusion can be carried out at:
a. Only boiling temperature
b. Room temperature
c. Cold or boiling temperature
d. None of the above

36. Which of the following is NOT the method of extraction?
a. Infusion
b. Decoction
c. Decoction
d. Condensation

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