Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Alkaloids-Most Important

Alkaloids Most Important 90 MCQs with Solutions

Pharmacognosy-1 4th Semester MCQ Alkaloids

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Protoalkaloids are also called as:
a. Amino alkaloid
b. Pseudo alkaloid
c. True alkaloid
d. Extra alkaloid

2. The example of pseudoalkaloid is:
a. Caffeine
b. Hygrine
c. Arecoline
d. Lobeline

3. The ring structure present in strychnine is:
a. Indole
b. Pyrrole
c. Pyridine
d. Piperidine

4. Drug is an example of amino alkaloid:
a. Ephedrine
b. Aconine
c. Caffeine
d. Theophylline

5. Deadly Nightshade is the common name of the drug:
a. Datura
b. Belladonna
c. Cinchona
d. Coca

6. Datura stramonium is standarised as:
a. Content of stramonium
b. Stramoninum as hyoscyamine
c. Content of total alkaloids calculated as
d. Total anti-cholinergic activity

7. Ergometrin is obtained from:
a. Actinomycetes
b. Higher plant
c. Fungus
d. Synthesis

8. Find the ODD one out on the basis of chemical constituent:
a. Belladona
b. Digitalis
c. Cinchona
d. Datura

9. Nux-vomica contains:
a. Tropine
b. Indole alkaloids
c. Quinoline
d. Pyridine

10.Family of the Vinca is:
a. Rubiaceae
b. Solanaceae
c. Apocyanaceae
d. Erythroxylaceae

11. Which is NOT the use of Ergot?
a. Oxytocin
b. Prevent post-partum hemorrhage
c. Migraine
d. Laxative

12. Nux vomica is NOT used as:
a. CNS stimulant
c. Tonic
b. Bitter stomachic
d. Expectorant

13. Family of Ipecac is:
a. Rubiaceace
b. Theaceae
c. Solanceae
d. Acantheceae

14. Which is NOT the use of Stramonium?
a. Anticholinergic
b. Mydriatic
c. Antiadrenergic
d. Control of Motion sickness

15. Which is NOT the chemical constituent that is naturally obtained from Opium?
a. Morphine
b. Codeine
c. Narcotine
d. Heroine

16. Which is the active chemical constituent obtained from Ipecac?
a. Cephaeline
b. Berberine
c. Hydrastine
d. Tropane

17. Thorn apple’ is the synonym for the drug:
a. Belladonna
b. Cinchona
c. Datura
d. Stramonium

18. Which ergot alkaloid is water soluble?
a. Ergotamine
b. Ergosine
c. Ergocristine
d. Ergometrine

19. Ergometrine shows ……configuration.
a. Laevo
b. Dextro
c. Racemic Mixture
d. Trans

20. Ergot contains large number of indole alkaloids, which are the derivatives of:
a. Lysergic acid
b. Benzoic acid
c. Cinnamic acid
d. Meconic acid

21. Which forms of the ergot alkaloids has biological importantance?
a. Laevo
b. Dextro
c. Cis
d. Trans

22. Ergot powder gives blue color with:
a. P-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde
b. Benzaldehyde
c. Cinnamaldehyde
d. Formaldehyde

23. Chemically Van-Urk’s reagent is :
a. P-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
b. Benzoic acid+Cinnamic acid
c. P-dimethylbenzoic acid
d. Cinnamaldehyde

24. Crow fig is the synonym for the drug:
a. Strychnous nux vomica
b. Rauwolfia sepentina
c. Rauwolfia densiflora
d. Rauwolfia vometoria

25. Is NOT the botanical name of ephedra,
a. Ephedra sinica
C. Ephedra gerardiana
b. Ephedra equisentina
d. Ephedra officinale

26. Strychnous nux-vomica belongs to family:
a. Scrophulareaceae
b. Liliaceae
d. Loganiaceae
c. Apocyanaceae

27. Which of the following microscopic character NOT associated with nux-vomica?
a. Epidermis consist of lignified trichomes
b. Epidermis is followed by layer of collapsible cells
c. Endosperm shows presence of plasmodesma
d. Calcium oxalate crystal and starch grain

28. Non-Lignified characteristic of drug:
a. Catharanthus
b. Cassia angustifolia
c. Strychnous nux vomica
d. Digitalis purpurea

29. When the transverse section of Nux vomica is treated with ammonium vanadate and sulphuric acid, the endospermic cells show purple colour, due to presence of:
a. Strychnine
b. Brucine
c. A-Coubrine
d. B-coubrine

30. When the transverse section of Nux vomica is treated with nitric acid, it shows yellow colour due to presence of:
a. Strychnine
b. Brucine
c. A-Coubrine
d. B-coubrine

31.Biological source of Nux vomica is:
a. Strycnous nux-vomica
b. Strychnous potatorum
c. Strychnous nux blanda
d. Strychnous wallichiana

32. The important chemical constituent of Rauwolfia is:
a. Reserpine
b. Resercinnamine
c. Ajamalicine
d. Desperidine

33. Reserpine, when treated with solution of vanillin in acetic acid shows… colour.
a. Red
b. Green
c. Blue
d. Pink

34. Diacetyl derivative of morphine is:
a. Codeine
b. Heroin
c. Papaverine
d. Thebaine

35. The opium alkaloids are present in plant as salt of:
a. Benzoic acid
b. Tartaric acid
c. Meconic acid
d. Acetic acid

36. Which compound is showing the most potent analgesic property?
a. Heroin
b. Morphine
c. Codeine
d. Papaverine

37.Trukish opium is commonly known as:
a. Chemist opium
b. Druggist opium
c. Chinese opium
d. Chemist and druggist

38.Which is NOT the characteristic feature of alkaloid?
a. Complex molecular structure and nitrogen in the molecule
b. Basic in nature
c. Biosynthetically derived
d. Only acidic in nature

39.Jesuit’s bark is synonym of:
a. Coca leaves
b. Ipecacuanha
c. Inchona
d. Calumba

40.Which alkaloid is NOT present in cinchona bark?
a. Quinidine
b. Quinine
c. Quinovin
d. Cinchonin

41. Which is NOT the prominent chemical constituent in Ipecac?
a. Emetine
b. Pyschotrine
c. Cephaeline
d. Cinchonine

42.The pharmacological action of Ipecac is:
a. Stimulant
b. Emetic
c. Sedative
d. Hypnotic

43.Papaverine, narcotine and narceine are under the chemical class….:
a. Quinoline
b. Benzyl isoquinoline
c. Isoquinoline
d. Benzophenone

44.Papaverine shows pharmacological activity as:
a. Spasmolytic
b. Emetic
c. Antitussive
d. Antipyretic

45.Adulterants are distinguished on the basis of:
a. Presence of sclerenchyma
b. Absence of sclerenchyma
c. Presence of parenchyma
d. Absence of parenchyma

46.Major pharmacological action of Ephedrine is:
b. Anti-inflammatory
d. Bronchial asthma
a. Kidney failure
c. Heart failure

47.Morphine contains …….as main nucleus.
a. Phenanthrene
b. Anthracene
c. Naphthalene
d. Naphthacene

48.The characteristic NOT associated with alkaloids is:
a. They all contain nitrogen
b. Most of non-volatile alkaloids are solid
c. All the alkaloid contains sulphur
d. They are physiologically active

49……… NOT used as expectorant.
a. Ipecacuanha
b. Vasaka
c. Liquorice
d. Atropine

50.Drug used as Antihypertensive is:
a. Rauwolfia
b. Digitalis
c. Squill
d. Stropanthus

51……… used as adrenergic drug.
a. Ephedra
b. Physostigma
c. Pilocarpus
d. Belladonna

52.Drug which is NOT used as anticancer:
a. Podophyllum
b. Curare
c. Camptotheca
d. Taxus

53.Drug used as emetic is:
a. Agar
b. Isapghul
c. Ipecac
d. Banana

54.Drug used as bronchodilator is:
a. Tea
b. Liquorice
c. Ipecacuanha
d. Vasaka

55.Drug used as antimalarial is:
a. Ashwagandha
b. Tulsi
c. Ginseng
d. Artemesia

56.Alkaloids are………type of substances.
a. Acid
b. Neutral
c. Chemical
d. Basic nitrogenous

57………is the botanical name of Ergot.
a. Claviceps purpurea
b. Ephedra sinica
c. Berberis mahonia
d. None

58…….. is the botanical name of kalopoko.
a. Cephalis ipecacuahna
b. Claviceps purpurea
c. Both
d. None

59.Quinoline alkaloids are biosynthesized via which one of the following pathways?
a. Shikimic acid – tyrosine
b. Shikimic acid – tryptophan
c. Shikimic acid – cathinone
d. Shikimic acid – phenylalanine

60.Phenylethylisoquinoline is the precursor of which of the following alkaloids?
a. Colchicine
b. Papaverine
c. Emetine
d. Cephaline

61…is the synonym of datura.
a. Yam
b. Catharunthus
c. Deadly nightshade leaves
d. None

62……… is the chemical test for alkaloid.
a. Goldbeater skin test
b. Ninhydrin test
c. Gelatin test
d. None

63.Dugs having anti-cancer property is/are:
a. Vinca
b. Taxus
d. All
c. Podophylum

64.Heroine is:
a. Methyl morphine
b. Diacetyl morphine
c. Butyl morphine
d. None of the above

65.Which drug contains quinazoline alkaloid?
a. Lobelia
b. Vasaka
c. Coffee
d. Datura

66. Wagner reagent contains:
a. lodine + Kl water
b. KI+ bismuth iodide
c. Iodine
d. Mercuric chloride + KI in water

67.Murexide test is used to detect:
a. Caffeine
b. Datura
c. Tannins
d. Senna

68. Which of the following is known as “thorn apple”?
a. Belladona
b. Stramonium
c. Hyoscyamus
d. Capsicum

69. Which of the following contains alkaloid?
b. Glycirrhiza glabra
d. Mentha arvensis
a. Atropa belladona
c. Terminalia chebula

70.The action of Datura is:
a. Analgesic
b. Anti-inflammatory
d. All of the above
c. Antispasmodic

71.Vasaka contains……….basic moiety.
b. Quinoline
a. Quinazoline
d. Steroidal
c. Isoquinoline

72.Opium contains………..oof morphine.
b. 9.5%
a. 2.5%
c. 5%
d. 2.2%

73.Picric acid is a chemical composition of:
a. Van urk’s reagent
b. Mayer reagent
c. Hager’s reagent
d. Wagner’s reagent

74. Which of the following is a steroidal alkaloid?
a. Caffine
b. Solanidine
c. Ephedrine
d. Morphine

75.Anomocytic or Ranunculaceous type of stomata are present in:
a. Digitalis
b. Buchu
c. Lobelia
d. All the above

76.Cruciferous stomata are characteristic of……….
a. Belladonna
b. Speramint
c. Senna
d. Digitalis

77.In the life cycle of ergot ascospores are:
a. Sexual spores
b. Asexual spores
c. Candida spores
d. All of the above

78. The precursor for the biogenesis of tropane alkaloid is:
a. Ornithine
b. Phenyl alanine
c. Tryptophan
d. Tyrosine

79.Datura is………..bearing plant.
a. Alkaloid
b. Glycosides
c. Tannins
d. Resins

80. Which of the following have anticancer property?
a. Tobacco
b. Ginger
d. Amanita
c. Taxus

81.Quinine is extracted from the bark of:
a. Papaver somniferum
b. Cannabis sativa
c. Claviceps purpurea
d. Cinchona pubescens

82.Heroin is a synthetic drug derived from:
a. Quinine
b. Morphine
c. Atropine
d. Cinchona pubescens

83. Medicinally most important part of Rauwolfia is:
a. Root
b. Bark
c. Stem
d. Leaf

84……… the botanical name of Taxus.
a. Claviseps purpurea
b. Asparagus
c. Cordyceps sinensis
d. None

85. Which of the following methods is used to get alkaloids in base form from plant material?
a. Adding ammoniumhydroxide and water to the pulverized drug
b. Making an extract with mineral acid and organic solvent
c. Making an extract with base and organic solvent
d. Adding mineral acid and water to the powdered drug

86.Atropine is a 1:1 mixture of D and L…………:
a. Scopoletin
b. Scopolamine
c. Hyoscyamine.
d. Belladonnin

87.To which of the following types of compound does taxol belong?
a. Diterpene
b. Steroidal alkaloid
c. Sesquiterpene
d. Lignan

88. With which of the following tests can the alkaloids of deadly nightshade be identified?
a. The Marquis test
b. The Thalleioquin test
c. With cc. HNO3
d. The Vitali test

89.Hyoscine on hydrolysis gives:
a. Tropic acid + scopine
b. Tropic acid + tropine
c. Tropine + scopine
d. 2 scopine

90.Imidazole ring is absent in drug…..:
a. Pilocarpine
b. Isopilocarpine
c. Physostigmine
d. Piloscine

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