Pharmaceutics-1 1st Semester Unit 2 Most Important MCQs

Pharmaceutics-1 1st Semester Unit 2 Most Important MCQs

Pharmaceutics-1 1st Semester Unit 2 Most Important MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions

1. High concentrations of electrolytes cause the Cracking of soap emulsions by salting out
(A) Emulgent
(B) Suspending agent
(C) Diluent
(D) None of the above

Ans. B) Suspending agent

2. The Commonly used flocculating agent is
(A) Soaps
(B) Sodium benzoate
(C) Tween 80
(D) Bentonite magma

Ans. C) Tween 80

3. Which of the following properties is desirable In a pharmaceutical suspension
I. Caking:
II. Pseudoplastic flow;
III. Thixotropy
(A) I only
(B) III only
(C) II and III only
(D) II and IV only

Ans. C) II and III only

4. Which one is antioxidant
(A) Gallic acid
(B) Mercurials
(C) Benzoic acid derivative
(D) None

Ans. A) Gallic acid

5. A mixture of span 20 and tween 20 forms…..Type of emulsion
(A) W/O
(B) O/W
(C) Milky
(D) Hard

Ans. A) W/O

6. Which one of the following emulsifiers is used To stabilize the emulsion of W/O type
(B) Span 20
(C) Tween 20
(D) Tragacanth

Ans. B) Span 20

7. A suspension is not a suitable dosage for what Type of injection?
(A) Intra-articular (within the joint)
(B) Intramuscular
(C) Intravenous
(D) Subcutaneous

Ans. C) Intravenous

8. Structured vehicle is included in the Formulation of a suspension to
(A) Prevent the cake formation
(B) Decrease the interfacial, tension
(C) Prevent the sedimentation of particles
(D) None of the above

Ans. B) Decrease the interfacial, tension

9. An emulsifier is considered to be ideal if it is Soluble in
(A) Aqueous phase
(B) oily phase
(C) A & b
(D) None of the above

Ans. C) A & b

10. Creaming in the emulsion can be controlled by Regulating
(A) Density of dispersed phase
(B) Density of dispersion medium
(C) Globule size
(D) Volume of dispersion medium

Ans. C) Globule size

11. Stability of the emulsion is dependent on
(A) Viscosity
(B) Density
(C) Particles Size
(D) All of the above

Ans. D) All of the above

12. Density of structured vehicles can be Enhanced by adding
(A) Glycerin
(B) Polyethylene Glycols
(C) Suspending agents
(D) Both (a) and (b)

Ans. B) Polyethylene Glycols

13. In ideal suspension, the sedimentation Volume should be
(A) Zero
(B) Less than one
(C) Equal to One
(D) More than one

Ans. C) Equal to One

14. Synonym for cresol with soap solution is
(A) Lysol solution
(B) Lugol solution
(C) Phenol solution
(D) All of the above

Ans. A) Lysol solution

15. Compound Tragacanth powder is used when Vehicle is other than
(A) Water
(B) Ethanol
(C) Chloroform water
(D) Both A & C

Ans. D) Both A & C

16. The dilution of concentrated mouthwashes Is in the ratio of
(A) 1:5
(B) 1:2
(C) 1:1
(D) 5:1

Ans. A) 1:5

17. In the Avoirdupois calculation system, the Standard unit for weighing is
(A) Grain
(B) Pound
(C) Gram
(D) Ounce

Ans. B) Pound

18. The purpose of paraben in syrup is as
(A) Stabilizers
(B) Preservatives
(C) Buffers
(D) Thickeners

Ans. B) Preservatives

18. Which of the following dosage form is used to Deodorize bad breath
(A) Gargles
(B) Mouthwash
(C) Throat paint
(D) Tincture

Ans. B) Mouthwash

19. Which Type of solutions are instilled in the ear
(A) Oral solution
(B) Otic solution
(C) Ophthalmic solution
(D) All of them

Ans. B) Otic solution

20. Adsorbent such as light kaolin is incorporated In a solution of
(A) Incorporation of extracts
(B) Incompatible salts
(C) Incorporation of liquids
(D) Explosive mixtures

Ans. C) Incorporation of liquids

21. How many grams of boric acid is required to Make the prescription isotonic Atropine Sulphate 1.5% (e value Atropine = 0.13, Boric Acid 0.5) Boric acid q.s. Purified water up to 20 ml
(A) 0.141 gm
(B) 0.282 gm
(C) 0.423 gm
(D) None

Ans. B) 0.282 gm

22. Which of the following dosage form contains Glycerin as a base?
(A) Mouthwash
(B) Gargles
(C) Tincture
(D) Throat paint

Ans. D) Throat paint

23. One teaspoonful is equal to
(A) 4 ml
(B) 8 ml
(C) 3 ml
(D) 6 ml

Ans. A) 4 ml

24. How many mL of 2.50% (m/v) NaOH solution Would contain 3.50 g of NaOH
(A) 7
(B) 14
(C) 21
(D) 28

Ans. B) 14

25. The component of the solution which is present in a large quantity is known as
(A) Solvent
(B) Solute
(C) Continuous phase
(D) Both A and C

Ans. D) Both A and C

26. Liniments are prepared by taking one part of The requisite mother tincture and four parts of
(A) Glycerin
(B) Olive oil
(C) Yellow’s Beeswax
(D) Distilled water

Ans. B) Olive oil

27. Which of the following dosage form contains Sugar as the main component?
(A) Syrup
(B) Elixir
(C) Aromatic water
(D) Tincture

Ans. A) Syrup

28. The component of the solution which is Present in a small quantity is known as
(A) Solvent
(B) Solute
(C) Dispersed phase
(D) Both b & c

Ans. D) Both b & c

29. Which Type Of solutions are applied over the Skin surface
(A) Otic solution
(B) Oral solution
(C) Ophthalmic solution
(D) Topical Solution

Ans. D) Topical Solution

30. What is the label condition for eye drops
(A) Discard 24 hours after the first opening
(B) Discard 30 days after the first opening
(C) Discard 1 year after the first opening
(D) Discard 5 years after first opening

Ans. B) Discard 30 days after the first opening

31. Use of formulations made up of numerous Plants referred to as….
(A) Galenicals
(B) Parenteral
(C) Plant Vehicles
(D) Generics

Ans. A) Galenicals

32. Full form of “MDI”
(A) Metered Dose Inhaler
(B) Metered Dose Inhalation
(C) Metered drug ingestion
(D) Metered drug infusion

Ans. A) Metered Dose Inhaler

33. Rx means
(A) You take
(B) You give
(C) You bring
(D) All the above

Ans. A) You take

34. Primo mane meaning
(A) Every morning
(B) Early in the morning
(C) Equal morning
(D) Morning

Ans. B) Early in the morning

35. The meaning of the Latin term ‘submenus’ is
(A) To be taken
(B) You take
(C) To be used
(D) To be applied

Ans. A) To be taken

36. Capsules in which powders are enclosed are Made up of….
(A) Gelatine
(B) Rice flour
(C) Fructose
(D) Dextrose

Ans. A) Gelatine

37. Supplement to the first edition of IP was Published in …
(A) 1960
(B) 1975
(C) 1965
(D) 1968

Ans. B) 1975

38. Simple syrup is a saturated solution of….
(A) Sucrose
(B) Fructose
(C) Dextrose
(D) None of these

Ans. A) Sucrose

39. The meaning of ‘dolore urgente’ is
(A) When the pain is severe
(B) When the pain is absent
(C) Before meals
(D) None of the above

Ans. A) When the pain is severe

40. Douches are meant for application In….
(A) Buccal cavity
(B) Rectal cavity
(C) Vaginal cavity
(D) Nasal cavity

Ans. C) Vaginal cavity

41. Which type of glass is the material For multidose vials and ampoules?
(A) Neutral glass
(B) Soda lime-treated glass
(C) Amber color glass
(D) Silicone-treated glass

Ans. A) Neutral glass

42. Meaning of post cibos
(A) Before the meal
(B) After the meal
(C) Between meals
(D) Any time

Ans. B) After the meal

43. Pediatric doses are lesser than normal doses Because
(A) Of their lower body size
(B) Of their lesser body weight
(C) Their immunity system is not well developed
(D) Immature state of their hepatic and renal function

Ans. D) Immature state of their hepatic and renal function

44. The meaning of the word ‘Omni’ is
(A) Every
(B) Occasionally
(C) Suddenly
(D) Never

Ans. A) Every

45. All ointments are sterilized.
(A) True
(B) False

Ans. A) True

46. Cetrimide is available in which color?
(A) Black
(B) White
(C) Light green
(D) yellow

Ans. B) White

47. Cetrimide is soluble in water.
(A) True
(B) False

Ans. A) True

48. Cetrimide is insoluble in ….
(A) Water
(B) Warm water
(C) Ether
(D) None of these

Ans. C) Ether

49. Cetrimide cream is used as a
(A) Bactericide
(B) Antiseptic
(C) Skin irritant
(D) None of these

Ans. A) Bactericide

50. Cetrimide cream is packed in
(A) Narrow mouth container
(B) Plastic jars
(C) Collapsible tubes
(D) None of these

Ans. C) Collapsible tubes

51.’Mottling’ is the manufacturing defect associated with:
a. Capsules
c. Tablets
b. Ointments
d. Liniments

52. Which of the following is NOT a solid dosage form?
a. Tablet
b. Capsule
c. Cream
d. Powder

53. Which of the following statement regarding enteric coated tablet is NOT true?
a. Should not be crushed
b. Should not be taken with antacids
c. Should not be swallowed whole
d. None of the above

54. A paracetamol formulation consists of starch and magnesium stearate as additives. A person taking the above formulation developed a hypersensitivity reaction. It can be due to which of the following?
a. Paracetamol
b. Starch
c. Magnesium stearate
d. All of the above

55. In a patient who is experiencing vomiting, which of the following dosage forms of promethazine would be best?
a. Tablet
b. Syrup
c. Capsule
d. Suppositories

56. The blood of a reckless driver contains 0.1% alcohol. Express the concentration of alcohol in parts per million.
a. 100 ppm
b. 1000 ppm
c. 1 ppm
d. 250 ppm

57. If the adult dose is 60 mg and the age of the child is 4 years, according to Young’s rule the dose for the child will be:
a. 10 mg
b. 15 mg
c. 20 mg
d. 25 mg

58. Hospital formulary provides:
a. General information on drugs which are available in the country
b. Information for procuring, processing, dispensing, and administration of drugs in the hospital
c. Information on the latest adverse drug reactions and regulatory information on drugs
d. None of the above

59. The relative humidity in the operating area of capsule manufacturing is normally:
a. 60%
b. 50%
c. 40%
d. 20%

60. Complete separation of the tablet into two or more layers is called:
a. Capping
b. Lamination
c. Picking
d. Mottling

61. In an ideal suspension, the sedimentation volume should be:
a. Less than 1
b. Zero
c. Equal to 1
d. Between 0 to 1

62. Aspirin is preferably prepared by which method of tablet manufacturing:
a. Direct compression
b. Wet granulation
c. Dry granulation
d. Dry compression and dry granulation

63. Sucking tablets are:
a. For local adsorption
b. Designed to go into the bloodstream
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

64. Rectal suppositories intended for adult use usually weigh approximately:
a. 1g
b. 2g
c. 4g
d. 4 g

65. Weight of rectal suppository for children is:
a. 1g
b. 2g
c. 5 g
d. None

66. Urethral suppositories are also called as:
a. Pessaries
b. Bougies
c. Both
d. None

67. Urethral suppositories have shapes:
a. Oviform shape
b. Torpedo shape
c. Pencil shape
d. All

68. Weight of urethral females respectively (in gram):
a. 4 & 2
b. 2 & 4
c. 4 & 6
d. 6 & 4

69. Suppositories are generally evaluated by:
a. Melting range test
b. Breaking test
c. Liquefaction
d. All the above

70. The pH of tears is about:
a. 6.0
b. 8.0
c. 7.4
d. 9.0

71. The appropriate pH range for opthalmic product is:
a. 2.0-3.0
b. 4.0- 6.0
c. 6.0-8.0
d. 8.0-10.0

72. Porosity of a porous powder is defined as:
a. Bulk volume/ Void volume
b. Void volume/ Bulk volume
c. Void volume/ True volume
d. True volume/ Bulk volume

73. A process of separation of molecules through the use of semipermeable membrane is known as:
a. Osmosis
b. Dialysis
c. Sieving
d. None of the above

74. Actuator is a part of aerosol package. It is used to :
a. Dispense the product in desired form
b. Prevent clogging of valve
c. Meter the accurate amount of dose to be dispensed
d. Provide proper attachment of valve to the container

75. Eye drops :
a. Is free from pyrogen
b. Should be sterile and free from foreign particles
c. Should be sterile and pyrogen free
d. All of the above

76. Levigation is defined as:
a. Settling of dispersed solids in suspension
b. Coalescence of dispersed globules in emulsion
c. Micronization of powder by grinding
d. Defect of tablet manufacturing

77. A batch of injectables consisting of 10,000 ampoules each containing 5 ml of the product, the number of ampoules is to be picked up randomly for sterility testing as per IP is:
a. 20 containers
b. 10 containers
c. 2% containers
d. 5%

78. In a friabillator, plastic chamber revolves at:
a. 100 rpm
b. 50 rpm
c. 25 rpm
d. 75 rpm

79. Which of the following equation is used to predict the stability of a drug product at room temperature from experiments at accelerated temperature?
a. Stoke’s equation
b. Michaelis-menten equation
c. Arrhenius equation
d. Young’s equation

80. Melting point of the suppository bases ranges from:
a. 50-60 °C
b. 37-40 °C
c. 20-30 °C
d. 45-50 ° C

81. Enteric coating material for tablet is:
a. Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose
b. Ethyl cellulose
d. Polyvinyl acetate phthalate

82. Diffusivity of a solute is affected by:
b. Pressure
a. Temperature
c. Chemical nature
d. All of the above

83. The mesh size of USP disintegration apparatus is:
a. 2 mesh
b. 5 mesh
c. 10 mesh
d. 20 mesh

84. When one of a solute is soluble in nine parts of a solvent, then the solute is:
a. Very soluble
b. Soluble
c. Sparingly soluble
d. Freely soluble

85. During Norfloxacin tablet coating, your operator complains that there is an irregular distribution of color on the tablet, it is :
a. Capping
b. Chipping
c. Sticking
d. Mottling

86. Seal coating of ranitidine can be done with:
a. Shellac
b. Ethyl cellulose
c. Silicone
d. Any of the above

87. The friability of an uncoated tablet should be:
a. About 1 %
b. Less than 1%
c. More than 1%
d. Set by formulator

88. The content uniformity of a tablet (IP) is necessary when the tablet contents API :
a. Below 50 mg
b. Below 100 mg
c. Below 25 mg
d. Below 10 mg

89. How many milliliters of a 0.9 % aqueous solution can be made from 20 g of sodium chloride?
a. 2222
b. 222
c. 122
d. 100

90. Smallest size of capsule is:
a. 000
b. 1
c. 5
d. 4

91. The shell of capsule is made up of protein which is called:
a. Apalation
b. Gelatin
c. Celatin
d. None

92. Suppositories should be stored in:
a. Cold place
b. Cool place
c. Frozen conditions
d. Not specific

93. SOP is recognized abbreviation for:
a. Student Of Pharmacy
b. Staffing Of Pharmacy
c. Standard Operating Procedure
d. Surgical Operating Parameters

94. The abbreviation UNG means:
a. Eye drops
b. Ointment
c. If necessary
d. Universal dose

95. Sublingual tablets are supposed to take with:
a. Chewing properly.
b. Putting it under the tongue.
c. Putting at the buccal cavity
d. A glass of water

96. Which one of the following is NOT the purpose of coating?
a. Masking the taste
b. Increasing the elegance
c. Increasing efficacy
d. Improving stability

97. Which route of drug administration is most likely to lead to the first pass effect?
a. Sublingual
b. Oral
c. Transdermal
d. Intramuscular

98. Which one of the following is NOT true?
a. To prevent the drug from the influence of external environment
b. To mask bitter tastes
c. To increase friability
d. To make swallowing easier

99. Which of the following is NOT true about suspensions?
a. Some suspensions should contain an antimicrobial agent as a preservative
b. Particle settling could be avoided by using suspending agents
c. Tight containers are necessary to ensure the stability of the final product
d. The suspension should be viscous

100. Which of the following does NOT help to minimize the physical instability of suspensions after their formation?
a. Reducing the particle size of the powders
b. Using thickening agents
c. Using levigating agents
d. Using flavoring agents

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