Pharmaceutics-1 1st Semester Most Important MCQs

Pharmaceutics Most Important 50 MCQs with Solutions

Pharmaceutics-1 1st Semester Most Important MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions

1.The part of QA which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to quality standard that are appropriate to their intended use and required by the marketing authorization is:
a. Quality control
b. Good manufacturing practices
c. Good Laboratory practice
d. Standard operating procedure

2.The major standards for quality of drug are:
a. Safety
b. Potency
c. Stability
d. All of the above

3.All of the following quality control tests are required for ointments/creams /gels EXCEPT:
a. pH
b. Specific gravity
c. Rheological properties
d. Dissolution characteristics

4.In a dispersed systems, the order of particle size is:
a. Solution <Emulsions <Suspensions
b. Solution <Colloids <Suspensions
c. Colloids <Emulsions <Suspensions
d. Emulsions < Colloids < Suspensions

5.The sedimentation of particles in a suspension can be minimized by:
a. Decreasing the particle size of the dispersed phase
b. Decreasing the differences in densities between the dispersion medium and dispersed phase
c. Increasing the viscosity of the dispersion medium
d. All of the above

6.The most feasible and practical method to minimize the rate of sedimentation of dispersed phase in a suspension is:
a. Decreasing the particle size of the dispersed phase
b. Decreasing the differences in densities between the dispersion medium and dispersed phase
c. Increasing the viscosity of the medium
d. All of the above

7.According to the Stokes equation, the rate is inversely proportional to: sedimentation
a. Viscosity of the medium
b. Diameter of the particle
c. Density of the particle
d. All of the above

8.The change of state from a solid directly to a gas is known as:
a. Fusion
b. Boiling
c. Sublimation
d. All of the above

9.Solubility of most solids usually …………with increases in temperature.
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. First increases and then decreases
d. Does not change

10.Solubility of most gases usually …………with increases in temperature.
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. First increases and then decreases
d. Does not change

11.All of the following are Latin terms for dosage forms EXCEPT:
a. Injection
b. Cremor
c. Haustus
d. Nocte

12.Solid dosage forms are most convenient method of oral drug administration. Point out which is NOT:
a. Sachets
b. Tablets
c. Pessaries
d. Capsules

13.The disintegration time for sugar coated tablet is :
a. 45 minutes
b. 30 minutes
c. 15 minutes
d. 60 minutes

14.A Mouth Dissolving (MD) or Dispersible Tablet (DT) should disintegrate within:
a.1 minute
b. 3 minutes
c. 15 minutes
d. 30 minutes

15.What is the disintegration time for a film coated tablet?
a. 30 minutes
c. 60 minutes
b. 45 minutes
d. 15 minutes

16.The time limit for disintegration of an uncoated tablet is:
a. 30 minutes
b. 45 minutes
c. 60 minutes
d. 15 minutes

17.A tablet coated with Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) should be disintegrated in simulated stomachic fluid within:
a. 30 minutes
b. 60 minutes
c. 2 hours (120 minutes)
d. Should not be disintegrated

18.An enteric coated tablet should disintegrate in simulated intestinal fluid within:
a. An hour
b. Two hours
c. Half an hour
d. Should not disintegrate

19.Lozenges are intended to have prolonged action, they must be hard so that:
a. Disintegration is fast
b. Dissolution is slow
c. Dissolution is fast
d. Decomposition is low

20.HLB value is determined in case of:
a. Emulsion
b. Suspension
c. Tablets
d. Elixir

21.The sterility test of liquid involves:
a. Thioglycollate medium
b. Colorimetric assay
c. Rabbit test
d. UV spectroscopy

22.Most medicines are made up of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and various excipients. Which one of the following is not a justified statement?
a. The excipients stabilize the API so that it does not degrade appreciably before administration.
b. The excipients reduce the possibility of the API irritating the body
c. The API and excipients each exert the pharmacological effect
d. The API is too potent to use undiluted.

23.A rectal suppository is used to treat a fever. This would represent what type of drug delivery?
a. Parenteral & Local
b. Parenteral & Systemic
c. Enteral & Local
d. Enteral and Systemic

24.Which one of the following medicines does NOT rely on topical drug delivery?
a. Nasal spray
b. Anti-dandruff shampoo
c. Insulin pen
d. Nicotine patch

25.Nasal administration of drugs is commonly used for the relief of:
a. Headache
b. Cough
c. Sore throat
d. Congestion

26.Which property liquid to flow?
a. Density
b. Viscosity
c. Volume
d. Solubility

27.Drugs in suspensions and semisolid formulations always degrade by:
a. First order kinetics
b. Zero order kinetics
c. Second order kinetics
d. Non linear kinetics

28.The temperature condition for storage of drug products under cold temperature is given as:
a. Temperature between 8 °C and 25 °C
b. Temperature below 20 °C
c. Temperature at 0 °C
d. Temperature between 2 °C and 8 °C

29.Tablets are placed into a coating chamber and hot air is introduced through the bottom of the chamber. Coating solution is applied through an atomizing nozzle from the upper end of the chamber. This technique is called:
a. Sealing before sugar coating
b. Coating by air suspension
c. Spray pan coating
d. Chamber coating

30.Durability of tablets to combined effects of shock and abrasion is evaluated by:
a. Hardness testing
b. Disintegration testing
c. Friability testing
d. Screw gauge

31.Which of the following tablet does not need disintegrant during their formulation:
a. Dispersible
b. Effervescent
c. Enteric coated
d. Screw guage

32.Why seal coating is done in sugar coating process for tablets?
a. To prevent the moisture innervation into the tablet core
b. To curve the edges and build up the tablet weight
c. To impart the desired colored to the tablet
d. To give luster to the tablet

33.In sugar coating of tablets, sub- coating is done:
a. To prevent moisture absorption
b. To round the edge & build tablet size
c. To smoothen the surface
d. To prevent the tablet from breaking due to vibration

34.Dose dumping is a problem in the formulation of:
a. Compressed tablet
b. Suppository
c. Soft gelatin capsules
d. Controlled release drug product

35.Suggest a suitable dosage form containing olive oil, vitamin A and water in formulation development laboratory..
a. Solution
b. Suspension
c. Emulsion
d. Capsule

36.In order to produce pharmacological action, a drug must always:
a. Reach high blood levels
b. Absorbed from GIT easily
c. Achieve adequate concentration at the site of action
d. Excrete unchanged in urine

37.The area under the serum concentration-time curve represents:
a. Biological half life of the drug
b. Amount of drug that is cleared by the kidneys
c. Amount of drug absorbed
d. Amount of drug excreted in the urine

38.If the drug has a very small volume of distribution (VD) it is likely that the drug:
a. Has a short biological half life
b. Doesn’t accumulate in tissues and organs
c. Not available
d. Will not be effective

39.The term bioavailability refers to the:
a. Relationship between the physical and chemical properties of the drug and the systemic absorption of the drug.
b. Measurement of the rate and amount of therapeutically active drug that reaches the systemic circulation
c. Percentage release of drug
d. Dissolution of drug in GIT

40.Aspirin tablet coated with cellulose acetate phthalate has been administered to a patient. Where do you expect the drug to be released in?
a. Stomach
b. Oral cavity
c. Small intestine
d. Liver

41.The rate of bioavailability is highest when the drug is administered as:
a. Controlled released product
b. Hard gelatin capsule
c. Tablet
d. Solution

42.How many grams of a drug should be used in preparing 500 ml of a 1:2500 solution:
a. 0.2
b. 0.02
c. 0.4
d. 1.25

43.How many parts of a 10 % ointment should be mixed with 2 parts of 15 % ointment to get 12 %?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 5
d. 6

44.Aerosol is the pressurized dosage form which contain:
a. One drug
b. Two drugs
c. One or more drugs
d. No drugs

45.Gutt. stands for:
a. Eye drops
b. Ointments
c. Eye lotion
d. Eye ointment

46.Liniment is the dosage form which is intended to be used in:
a. Mouth
b. Under the skin
c. Mucous membrane
d. Skin

47.Which one of the following is most degradable dosage form of medicament?
a. Tablet
b. Capsule
c. Powder
d. Liquid

48.Which of the following is semisolid dosage form of medicament?
a. Cream
b. Suspensions
c. Syrup
d. Paints

49.The preparation containing alcohols is:
a. Drought
b. Elixir
c. Douches
d. Liniments

50.All of the tablets are given orally EXCEPT:
a. Aspirin
b. Albendazole
c. Cotrimoxazole
d. Clotrimazole

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