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Frequently Asked Questions

As we are committed to provide the best, precise & to the point notes that can help you to complete your whole syllabus overnight. Even just in 6hrs you can finish the whole subject.

We are those who always believed that “Back Benchers are the future of nation”. Thats why further decided to start a portal so that we can help those who are like us, i.e. Who can’t prepare for exams due to shortage of notes.

We have a group of people like you, we understand your problem, we do care for you and your future so, we make notes that can help you to get good marks just in 6 hrs if you go through our notes carefully.

Your college charges you a huge amount & forces you to write the notes you never wished to write & we don’t.

Yes! We believe in equality so we are free for everyone.

As Of Now, You are only able to provide Pharma Notes, But we will be expanding ASAP.